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3/3-10 <3

Has been with horses today 🙂
Had Victor & I sat on Calle completely without saddle & bridle today * wow *

Was also with Randi today (psychologist) – think it will be good with her – think she can help me with some good learning methods 🙂
I have tonight colored my nails with pink nail polish (see pictures) 🙂

Believe my bed soon calls me – I’m actually quite tired 🙂


Monday – 1/3-10

I drove with my boyfriend to Lystrup so I walked home too my mother and then took the 8:29 train to Aarhus 🙂
Raised some money to Victor’s feed – also , I took the 9:16 train to the horses 🙂
I mugede out , did feed and ridden Vic 🙂
Then I took Calle – we enjoyed just to be groomed , and , I just went for a walk with him in the ridinghouse – but the crazy darling would of course roll himself :/
Smiling !
Have been up early (at 6:10) so I am going to bed now 🙂

That was a little from here – have a nice week !
* Hugs *

My horse bag ..

I have a special bag which is only used for horse stuff – a bag that I use when I go to the horses & a bag containing breeches , jacket , sweater , extra socks , etc. 🙂

One day I came home I discovered that the cat had pissed on the bag 😦
Fortunately there was only a few things in it – which fortunately was wrapped in a bag & it was not hit – but the bag had to be thrown out (and also including the push as the bag was on top) – I had some money on my TS-account so now I bought this (see picture below) .
I expect that it comes in the mail tomorrow – Tuesday or Wednesday 🙂
Are good to get a bag that is large enough – it is really annoying to have to leave some things at home, or sparkling with 2 or 3 bags 😉
So I look forward to it comes home 😀