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Easter , weekend , mom , boyfriend , brother , horses – week went by :)

So is Easter past 🙂

I have previously written we had my boyfriend’s nephew down here & my brother has also been out here – I’ve been with my mother a few days – when I was going to the horses 🙂

Has also been sleeping with mom – until today – it was just super well with Victor today – perfect !

We’ve got a new rabbit – it is enormously sweet – I’ll write more about that later 🙂

~ Hope all had a wonderful Easter & now are ready to go to work again *smile*


Sunday !

So my weekend by sparkling in half ..
I have no Easter holiday – my boyfriend apparently has 🙂
So now I have a small dilemma – should be out for the horse of course 🙂
I have to walk or find out something else *smiles*

We have my boyfriend’s nephew on visits – he will be picked up tomorrow , Monday , I think 🙂

Now we also switched to daylight saving time (summertime) – a little weary , so the clocks forward an hour ..

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂

Monday 22/3-10 :)

Has been whit the horses all day today 🙂
Stood up & drived with my boyfriend & then took the train ..
I just helped Kim with some things , subordinate boxes , feed , fetched Victor etc. 🙂
Nanna came today – great to see her again , my little Nanna-girl *smile*

Victor was fine today & we went outside in the lovely weather at last 🙂
Although he obviously had to watch it all it went just fine with me & him – the same can not be say’d with Calle & Nanna – Nanna got just a turn in the mud , Calle was frightened when the train came , but Nanna dit’n seem to have it too bad 🙂

Tomorrow Tuesday , I also stand up & drive with my boyfriend , then goes home to my mom , where we may have rolls *yeah*

That was a little from here – enjoy the evening 🙂

2/3-10 :)

Today is Tuesday 🙂

Tinna came for me at 10:15 , also we went out to the horses 🙂
I enjoyed grooming Calle & pulled him a little ride around the ridinghouse – Nanna came out today , was great to see her again 🙂
Nanna drove me home & I relaxed 😀

I have cleaned the kitchen & bathroom today ..
I just had a bath , cleaned the face , remove makeup , etc ..
Now I just cut my nails, too, I soon entered into bed 🙂